President's Letter

President’s Report Oct. 16, 2022 PTC AGM Sandman Hotel Boardroom 1 pm

To our Board and to our Members:

I am extremely grateful for the time and dedication our Board and our Club members have put in to making Penticton Tennis Club a more enjoyable place to play and socialize. We are so lucky that we have a beautiful, quiet location, which includes the music of nature all around us. Building on the efforts of previous Boards of Directors, we are continuing to create solutions and develop plans that will keep our club moving forward.

As the President of the board, I hope that everyone can appreciate what it takes to perform our duties, with a lot of hours, voluntarily, for this sport we all love.

Debbie Hall, Treasurer, has worn THREE hats all year! She has done a great job as Treasurer, and has also learned the ins and outs of running our website, with some help from Fergus Haymen, and has deciphered the code of our Court Reserve system. All of these mentioned positions need to be filled to help lessen the load, so please consider helping us in this way.

Chris Tolley has been Vice President and is in charge of Facilities. He has put in numerous hours helping with the new seating area along with other members Chad Henderson, Jamie Johnston, Al Chipney, Zach Laycock, Steve McKenzie, Ken Naylor, Bob Alexander, Steve Hollis, Miriam Laboe, Maryam Mojdani , Deb Hall and myself.

The facilities of the club have been improved by creating the new fencing for viewing, moving the portapotty and Sea-Can and it saved the club 2 and half times what it would have cost if we hired someone to do this work. We are grateful for the contributions of labour, equipment, and several Saturdays of hard work.

Fergus Haymen should be thanked for donating flower baskets, for doing general repairs around the club, including repairing the rain shuttles with the new wheels we ordered. He put up the new gates to the courts which Dennis Klan fabricated and donated to the club.

Chris and Zach put up all the new windscreens that Ken Naylor so generously donated to the club.

Ken Naylor, as past president of PTC, still lends his time and expertise to our club any way that he can. He assists with tournaments, he lead the patching and painting of the courts, and continues to look out for the best interest of the club.

Zach Laycock, our Professional, was contracted to maintain the courts twice a week, but as you may be aware he was there taking care of the club countless hours on his time. He has done the majority of repairs on our fencing and when we were broken into, spending countless volunteer hours taking care of the courts by weeding and cleaning up after members, and watching out for our security, making repairs to the nets, and maintaining our facility so that it looks good so that when we as members arrive we are proud of the place that we call our club. He also initiated an out-reach program with Discovery House, weekly on Wednesdays, to help get some men in tough circumstances out having fun and playing around with the game of tennis. Many of us, as well, enjoyed lessons given by Zach as well as enjoying great sportsmanship while playing matches with him.

Kathy Gross, in addition to her excellent duties of secretary, organized the Women’s Drop In which was very popular this year and will continue to serve our members.

Uwe Bratz, member at large contributed his time and expertise in building to create a shelving system in our Sea-Can which has helped organize our inventory tremendously. Thank you so much!

Jim Kocsis and Rob Lindeman offered lessons for our members, and Jim was a fantastic resource of information and experience with his years as a winning coach and player. You can also find Jim and Ken Naylor teaching kids tennis during the winter months in the local area elementary and middle schools, which will feed into our Junior program here at PTC

Kersten Grant, with the assistance of former president Bob Grant, was a dedicated coach and organizer of the Junior Program which brought growth and excitement of young people into our club. Here too is a very worthy place for someone to step in and organize the next phase of our Junior Program.

These thanks also must include your dutiful League Managers Warren Belcher, Charlene Rhodes , Kathy Gross, Mel York and Chuck Rogers, myself, and Fergus Hayman, Steve McKenzie and Janice Taylor. If we do not have organizers we do not have leagues. There are many hours put in to help our members enjoy their league time! Thank you for your dedication to making it work, no matter what!

In the near future we would like to put up sails for shade, privacy screens around the portapotty, further improvements to our court lighting, figure out how can we get water to the courts, and see if we even tap into creating a flushing toilet. We would like to secure funds to purchase an ATCO trailer or something similar. Our courts will need significant repair and resurfacing which will require us to look for other funding sources, such as grants and loans. Hopefully, when our lease for the land expires in December 2023 the City will hopefully and happily renew it and without a cost increase to keep our club in place because they appreciate what an amazing job we have done to preserve a great tennis environment.

We are a fun bunch of people. Please take some time and jump in an help out! Do what you can to improve our club. It belongs to all of us. The more people that share the load the happier we all are. With your membership you are buying shares in creating a place that you not only play in but that you give back to, so PTC is there for the next generation of players.

I apologize if I have left someone out of my thanks. Truly, you all are appreciated.

Cheers to a great year.


Lori Grant

President, PTC

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