Local Racquet Stringing

Did you know? 🤔

In a recent survey, 88.7% of Canadian amateur tennis players reported that their game improved as a result of having their racquet restrung. 😮

The PTC offers affordable and fast racquet stringing via three approved PTC Members. 🙌

Each is experienced and conveniently located in Penticton.

Ken Naylor

Mobile (250) 490-6250 (text preferred)


Fergus Hayman

Mobile (250) 462-4249


Jim Kocsis

Mobile (250) 462-3937


Contact any of these fine gentlemen at your earliest convenience to discuss the type of string that will work best for you.

Put your trust in their skilled hands.

Let’s finally get that racquet strung right! 💕

Your game will thank you.

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