PTC League Protocols for Extreme Heat & Smoke

Members, as you know, it's impossible to accurately predict whether there will be extreme heat or smoky conditions on League nights.

In addition, each of us has different tolerances to heat and smoke. So, it can be difficult to determine if a League match should be played when it's unpleasant outside.

Here's what you can do.

First, we ask you to please follow the various weather and smoke forecasts so you can best plan in advance how to fulfill your commitment to PTC League play.

Then connect with your playing partners and determine one of the following go-forwards:

Play your match as scheduled.

Play your match on a different day.

Play your match at a different time.

Get a spare (sub) to fill in for you.

Spin a racquet to determine who goes up and down and update the League Coordinator accordingly.

Be sure to connect and determine a solution within 48 hours of your match to ensure that your League can be updated in time for the following week.

For example, if your League is scheduled for Monday night, then make sure you get your results to the League Coordinator by Wednesday evening!

Remembercommunication is key!

Click here for a list of Member contact information.

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