2021 Season COVID-19 Guidelines

The Penticton Tennis Club Board has reviewed the current Tennis BC and Public Health Guidelines regarding COVID-19, and firmly requests the PTC Membership to take the following precautions when using the club facilities:

• Avoid congregating at the entry to the courts and court sides.

• Please wear a 3 layer mask from your car to court side and when entering the building.

• Ensure you maintain the 2-meter (6 ft) space between people. When playing maintain a three-meter (9 ft) distance as much as possible.

• Come dressed to play as no change room or shower is available.

• Once the washroom opens, we ask that you clean touch points with provided disinfectant after each use.

• Please use personal hand sanitizer on arrival, at commencement of play, and between sets.

• Before handling any shared equipment, please sanitize your hands and disinfect handles. E.g., ball machine, broom and electric court blowers handles, padlock and key.

• Limit the total players on all four courts to a maximum of 20 at any given time.

• Please log your attendance in the Log Book provided – include your name, date and time of play. Records will be kept for 30 days to facilitate contact tracing, if required.

• Do not come to play if you are sick or self-isolating. Continue to self-isolate for 10 days after recovery from COVID-19.

Thank you and enjoy the tennis season safely!

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