Court 3&4 repairs have begun!

Updated: Aug 22

Today Phase 1 of Courts 3 and 4 were done (patching those big holes). In the next week or two Phase 2 - Sanding and Phase 3 - Painting will be done. Some lines are affected by the patching, so please be reasonable in line calls and responses until the job can be finished. A big thank you goes out to: Chris Tolley for researching the materials and getting them together, Ken Naylor, who was the leader out there today in the blasting heat, once again offering his time and expertise to the club - we hope your back is ok, (HUGE thank you Ken!!) and Lori Grant, Erin Mulhern, Bob Alexander and Debbie Hall-Alexander for helping with the chipping, vacuuming, patching and scraping. If you would like to volunteer for either of the next Phases, please put your name forward, all assistance is welcome. :)

Chris, "We hope we did a good job in your absence!!!"

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