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Busy Beavers!

Access to the Esplanade Walkway is hindered by tree fall, not by snow but by our local busy beavers! The City has a barricade up for caution, and unfortunately tennis court 3 back fence took part of the blow. I wonder if the beavs carry insurance?? The City has several items to deal with and will get to the clean up as soon as they can. Stay safe there please.

Speaking of safety, members are reminded that courts are closed for safety reasons when ice, snow, or rain are present. This should be obvious, but a sign is posted and this reminder might help. Porta potty is now off limits as well and will be back into active duty (pun?) in the spring.

If you are hankering for indoor racquet action there are various drop ins for PB, And indoor tennis at Global in Kelowna, Predator Ridge in Vernon, Salmon Arm Tennis Club and 8 of us just enjoyed a weekend at the Women's Indoor Tennis Tournament at the Kamloops Tennis Center. What a great facility. We met some lovely people who would happily welcome PTC members to come up for some indoor tennis and a weekend getaway. Enjoy our first snowfall and catch up on the latest WTA and ATP action. The young ones are making themselves known.

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