Spring Tennis & PTC Clubhouse Update

It's been a mild winter in the South Okanagan so far (touch wood), and we bet that you're looking outside and itching to swing the racquet down at the PTC.

The good news is that spring tennis will be here in no time, and it'll be great to see everyone again at the courts.

Have you remembered to renew your membership? Don't forget! Because the Early Bird rate of $140.00 expires on March 31, 2021.

After that, the price goes up to $165.00 -- no exceptions!

Click here to secure your 2021 Penticton Tennis Club membership today.


We're pleased to report that the City of Penticton with the assistance of a structural engineer has shored up the roof of the PTC Clubhouse. This means that the building is now back in action and approved for entry and regular use moving forward!

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