PTC Leagues

The Penticton Tennis Club offers a variety of competitive leagues for its members, each of which are held throughout the length of the season. There's no cost to register, so check them out and sign-up to play! All skill levels welcome.


Join the action in this popular singles league where a ranking ladder of players is updated each week. Start challenging others and see how high you can climb!


Put your skills to the test! A men's singles event is played every Sunday, starting at 6:00 p.m. Register online to be entered into the weekly draw.


Sign-ups are completed individually and players are assigned to a group of four. Move up or down in groups depending on your match outcomes!


Play men's doubles every week! Registered players are placed into groups of four; these groups are adjusted weekly according to match results.


Held every Thursday evening and sometimes on Sundays, this popular league is tons of fun. Sign-up both players to register to play!