Ladies Singles

Held on Sundays from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., the Penticton Tennis Club's Ladies Singles League provides an opportunity for tennis enthusiasts to play fun and competitive matches against a variety of women who are at a similar skill level.

League play for the 2020 season starts Sunday, June 7!

Ladies Singles Ladder

A ladder board along with a score book are located at the PTC clubhouse where players may record scores and move names on the board, if there is a change in positions.

Players update the club house ladder themselves upon the completion of each match. This page will be updated at the end of each month to reflect current rankings.


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There is no cost to PTC members.


As of March 31, 2020












Aileen Houston

Evelina Zanotto

Janice Taylor

Lori Grant

Denise Bacon

Karen Gallagher

Rhonda Manning

Kim Kopp

Wendy Strachan

Linda Elia

Liz Wilson

Format and Rules of Play

New players can join at any time and must register by completing the online registration form located here.

Players may challenge any players occupying positions above them on the ladder.

The challenger will initiate a challenge via e-mail and a date and time will be organized that is convenient for both players.

The challenged player has one week to respond to the challenge and the game must be played within two weeks of the challenge.

If a time is agreed upon and the challenged player cancels or is a no-show, then the challenger is awarded the match by default. In this case, e-mail proof of the agreed upon challenge must by sent to the administrator.

If a challenged player already has a match set up, she has the option to deny a challenge.

Every player on the ladder must play at least once each month.

Matches are the best two out of three sets with a tie-breaker at six games a piece (6-6) for the first two sets; and a super tie-breaker for the third set, if required. A super tie-breaker is a race to 10-points, winning by at least two points.

If the challenger wins the match, she will move to the position on the ladder occupied by the defeated player; the loser of the match will move down one spot, as will the players on the ladder between the two players.

The winner will post the results in the tennis binder located in the PTC clubhouse.

If the challenged player is unavailable for the week in question (e.g., vacation, injury, etc.), then the challenger will be awarded the victory by default. No exceptions.

Players are asked to limit challenges of the same player to not more than once per month.

If you have any questions pertaining to the PTC Ladies Singles League, please contact League Administrator Janice Taylor by e-mail.

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