A Rich History

The original Penticton Tennis Club was established in the late 1800s and its first courts were built in 1908 on Tennis Street in the city of Penticton.


The Club remained on Tennis Street until World War II, after which it built three new courts and moved to Skaha Lake under the name, Skaha Tennis Club. Here, the Club owned and operated a small wooden clubhouse, but after struggling to maintain the courts, the City of Penticton took them over and leased them back to the club for grand sum of one dollar per year.

The City directed the Club to join with the Penticton Yacht Club in 1975 and to set up shop in its current location by the Penticton Marina. When the Club initially moved to this location, there was nothing but swampland, which had to be filled in to provide a foundation for tennis courts.

PTC _Courts.jpg

With lots of hard work and long hours committed by members, the swamp was turned into four tennis courts. The clubhouse was also built by club members at this time, and remains to this day.


Today, the Penticton Tennis Club proudly consists of approximately 220 members, and is continually growing; the Club is no longer associated with the Penticton Yacht Club, and has formed its own non-profit society.


The PTC is a member of Tennis BC, and is currently focused on encouraging young players and providing youth tennis programs to continue the growth of the sport in the South Okanagan.

The Penticton Tennis Club hosts several tournaments each year, including the Ainsley Cup, a ladies doubles tournament; and the Birks Cup, a men's doubles event. Both the Ainsley Cup and Birks Cup attract players from all over the province of BC and Washington State.


Our New Logo

The Penticton Tennis Club is pleased to announce that it has officially updated its brand, effective January 1, 2020.

An interesting design element contained in the new logo is the tennis ball, which represents Okanagan Lake, the City of Penticton, and Skaha Lake.

Once you've become aware of these three sections, you can't unsee them!